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Fume Extraction | Laser Fume Extraction Systems | BOFA Americas, Inc

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Laser fume extraction and filtration systems

BOFA's range of ADVANTAGE laser fume and filtration extraction systems are designed for applications that generate particulate and gaseous organic compounds within the Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving Industries. These laser fume extraction systems range from smaller Filtered Cooling Units AD 200 CU and AD 350 CU, right up to the AD 2000 and AD 4000. The AD Oracle is BOFA’s most technically advanced Laser Fume Extraction System, which is now available with the iQ Operating System.

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Electronics Tip and Volume fume extraction

BOFA's range of tip and volume fume extraction systems are designed for electronics applications that generate fume comprising; resin acid particulate and gaseous organic compounds within the Electronics sector. Solutions are available for manual and automated processes including: wave solder, reflow, selective solder and conformal coating applications. T1, TVT2 and T15 offer tip extraction for lead free soldering applications. These are high volume units that are designed to extract and filter the fumes and debris. The systems are ideally suited for soldering iron tip extraction, vac pens, flexi fume arms and any other number of applications that requires close proximity micro extraction.

The T30A, T60 and T100 are again designed to extract and fumes and debris through small bore hoses and attachments. Ideal for soldering iron tip fume extraction. Due to high concentration of debris generated from up to 100 operators, these systems have been designed to keep the unit compact, but still utilise a comprehensive filter system. With this in mind, the units incorporate a facility for retaining a high concentration of particulate within the filter enclosure. These systems have a built in silencer that has a collar to allow for redirection or external venting of filtered air if required. Full details of this range can be found here.

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Mechanical Engineering Dust and fume extraction systems

BOFA’s range of DustPRO dust/particulate extraction systems have been designed for the safe and effective removal of particulate, dust and swarf generated during processes such as drilling, routing, mechanical engraving, and grinding.

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Print fume extraction for Solvent, UV and Dye Sublimation and Wide Format printers

BOFA’s range of PrintPRO fume extraction systems are designed for applications that generate particulate and gaseous organic compounds within the wide and super-wide printing sector. Solutions are available for a variety of ink types including; Solvent, UV and Dye Sublimation. The PrintPRO 1000 is for fume extraction for large format, super wide and flat bed printers. The PrintPRO range combines high capture performance with proven filter technology ensuring the effective removal of particulate, gases/vapours and odours associated with MEK, other Ketone and Ozone (UV) applications.

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3D Printing fume extraction and filtration

BOFA offer a wide range of fume extraction and filtration systems designed for Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), 3D Printing, FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication), PolyJet Technology, WDM (Wax Deposition Modeling) and the 3D Printing industries.

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Dental dust/particulate extraction systems for milling and bench top engravers

The DentalPRO range provides particle and dust extraction for the dental industry. BOFA’s DentalPRO range of fume extraction systems effectively removes potentially harmful Zirconia dust and particulate generated during the CAD/CAM manufacture of Crown and Bridge frameworks for dental implants. They generate high vacuums and are quiet in operation. The large capacity bag filter has a very high efficiency and can easily be emptied and re-used.

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Fume Cabinet purification and filtration systems

The FumeCAB range of Fume Cabinets produced for the Electronics and Pharmaceutical Fume Extraction industries. The FumeCAB 700 and FumeCAB 1000 iQ fume extraction cabinets can be applied to a number of related applications including: Powder Weighing and Handling, Chemical Control, Tablet Pressing and Coating, Fluid Bed Drying, Spray Drying, Blending and Granulation and General room ventilation associated with R&D Laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Fume cabinet extraction and partial enclosures are becoming the recommended extraction option for a variety of applications. Government bodies including the HSE in the UK are now making direct reference through guidance documentation such as the new HSG258 code of practice to their use. BOFA’s new FumeCAB fume cabinet range has been purposely design to help employers comply to these new regulations.

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Mobile filtration systems

The Multi-Purpose Mobile range of fume and filtration Extractor system, like the FumeKART is the ideal portable air extraction and filtration unit and can be applied to a variety of applications.

Designed to filter dust particles, mold spores, solvent vapours and other pollutants from the work environment, the Mobile fume extractors are easy to operate and maintain and provides the additional benefit of being fully portable.

Ideal for laser applications, Hand Soldering, Jewellery Manufacturing, Laser Hair Removeal & lots more...